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Bob is Chair of the 
House Judiciary Committee.

Bob has been in office since 1992.
Beat Bob Goodlatte
Lots of people are asking,
"Where's Bob?"
we know where he is.
After 24 years, he is still in
Washington, D.C.
Beat Bob Goodlatte
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Fun Facts about Bob Goodlatte:
  • Gutting the Ethics Committee:  It was his idea.
  •  Muslim Ban:  His staff drafted it.
  •  Healthcare: Voted for AHCA with no CBO score and without reading it.
  •  Updating the Voting Rights Act: He blocks it.
  •  Immigration Reform: He stops it from happening.
  •  Arbitration Fairness Act to Stop Wells Fargo Scams:  He doesn't even hold hearings.
  •  Townhalls:  He's been phoning it in since 2013.
  •  NRA: He is the #1 congressional recipient in the continental USA. Votes to make it easier for terrorists to have guns.
  • Eminent Domain & Pipelines: Personally profits from the MVP.
  •  Term Limits: Said he would serve 6 terms. He's on his 13th.
  •  Cannabis Reform: He's the #1 person in the way because de-scheduling would be done by the committee he chairs.
  •  Hemp Economy for Farms and Manufacturing Jobs: See above.
  •  Criminal Justice Reform: Bob is in the way for the whole country. 
  •  Open Internet: He is the "#1 enemy of the Internet," was the architect of SOPA.
  •  Environmental Scorecard: In 2016, he scored 0. Zero. Zip. 
Bob isn't listening to his constituents anymore.
Beat Bob Goodlatte
Bob listens to big donors from far away.
Beat Bob Goodlatte
So, there is now a PAC to
Beat Bob Goodlatte.
It's going to take a team effort.
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