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  •  No Double-Meaning: We do not mean "beat up Bob" - we mean beat him in an election!  Just like he would say about his being the #1 recipient of NRA money of any incumbent (except the congressman from Alaska), we are not condoning violence.  "Vote Bob Out" doesn't fit on the sticker. "Retire Bob" might fit, but doesn't have great alliteration.
This fast-loading webpage brought to you despite Rep. Goodlatte opposing efforts to keep the internet open and free.

But it might not load as fast as Bob drives in school zones!

(Don't worry,
Bob sent his wife to court to reduce the charge of going 69mph in the 35mph (school) zone to a "faulty speedometer.")

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If Rep. Bob Goodlatte retires or loses an election within 30 days of you receiving your Beat Bob sticker, your shipping and handling fee will be refunded.

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All orders are through a very secure network, **until President Trump gets his Russia-USA Cyber Security Alliance, which Rep. Bob Goodlatte has not opposed.

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*** Despite Rep. Bob Goodlatte supporting corporations forcing you to sign away your constitutional rights to our court system if you were harmed, there is no forced arbitration clause here.  If this sticker is defective, you can sue!
Why beat Bob?
He looked like this when he said he would only serve six (6) terms:
That was in 1992.

Since then, he amassed power as the Chair of the Judiciary Committee.
And he's been busy obstructing important legislation until the Trump presidency (except Trump sent a tweet and stopped Bob from gutting the Ethics Committee).

But Bob is being successful now leading the charge to abuse consumers, human dignity, small business owners, people with healthcare needs (that's everyone), and the environment.
More Reasons to #BeatBobGoodlatte
  • Gutting the Ethics Committee: It was his idea.
  •  Muslim Ban: Bob's staff drafted it.
  •  Healthcare: Voted for AHCA with no CBO score and without reading it.
  •  Updating the Voting Rights Act: Bob blocks it with his Judiciary Committee.
  •  Immigration Reform: He stops it from happening.  Oh, and he just passed Kate's Law.
  •  Defunding Sanctuary Cities:  His idea, his bill - it passed. 
  •  Arbitration Fairness Act to Stop Scams like Wells Fargo Scams:
      He doesn't even hold hearings.
  •  Townhalls: He's been phoning it in since 2013.
  •  NRA: He is the #1 congressional recipient in the continental USA. Votes to make it easier for terrorists to have guns.
  •  Eminent Domain & Pipelines: Personally profits from the MVP.
  •  Cannabis Reform: He's the #1 person in the way because de-scheduling would be done by the committee he chairs.
  •  Hemp Economy for Farms and Manufacturing Jobs: See above.
  •  Criminal Justice Reform: Bob is in the way for the whole country. 
  •  Open Internet: He is the "#1 enemy of the Internet," was the architect of SOPA.
  •  Environmental Scorecard: In 2016, he scored 0. Zero. Zip. 
  •  Impeachment:  His committee would initiate impeachment.
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